Monday, May 27, 2013


Welcome to our New Blog Site where we are engaging in Missions Conversation.  This blog site was birthed out of a session by participants who attended the Jubilee Jesus National Black Evangelicals Association (NBEA) Convention on May 22- 24, 2013.  The session was titled, "Encouraging Missions in the African-American Church  Answering Freedom's Challenging Call" lead by Sheena Coleman, Itinerant Pastor currently serving as an Associate Minister at Main Baptist Church in Aurora, IL and Troy Lewis, NBEA Board Member and Missionary to Zambia. 

Much discussion ensued as we tackled this challenging topic.   The term Glocal was highlighted meaning missions done on the local level and those done on an international level.  This was tied to the Great Commission as stated in Matt. 28:19-20, Mark 16: 15-16, Luke 24: 46-47 and John 20: 21.  And, our empowerment scripture Acts 1:8.  Sheena recommended that churches should support the course Perspectives on the World Christian Movement as one of the ways to promote an awareness on Missions within each congregation.  She also mentioned her blog site which is used for an Inductive Bible study on Missions as another resource for promoting missions awareness.  Troy brought a missionary perspective having been on the Field for over ten years in Zambia.  We also discussed that people can be both a goer and a sender.

A total of 10 people were in this small group setting: one who took this snapshot and another who came in at the end.

The main take away was to continue the conversation on missions via this Blog Site. To Begin this discussion, the initial question is what is your local church doing in global/international missions?